Dieting Tricks That Work for Everyone

Every day, we seem to encounter great many advice’s headlining in magazines and papers on how best to do dieting. As such, sometimes all of these options may get a bit overwhelming for most of us who are trying to find the right piece of information.

Here are some great dieting tricks that will most surely work for you as well as for everyone else:

Trick #1: Stay Away From Corn Syrup

cornsyrup32oz2015Throughout several media outlets, it is common to see adverts showing the “healthier side” of corn syrup. But nowadays, science has shown a straightforward difference between high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and regular sugar.

This is evident from a study that pointed out that rats who consumed beverages sweetened by HFCS went on to gain noticeably more weight as compared to those who consumed drinks sweetened with sugar. This was despite the fact that both rat groups drank the same quantity of calories. And although more research is required on this subject, fact is that the difference can be associated with the manner in which the body processes each sweetener. Researchers expect that these findings will be relevant to humans, and have stated that HFCS is present not only in soft drinks but also in many cereals, desserts, jams, baked goods, canned fruits and juices. Therefore, it will be best for you if you limit or stay away from items rich in HFCS.

Trick #2: Properly Structure your Snack and Meal Times

Woman serving food

Dieters usually wait for a long time between meals. Such long stretches without the consumption of food makes individuals crave for energy-dense carbs, thereby making it fairly difficult for them to make proper healthy choices. Likewise, this may also compromise metabolism.

Therefore, if you are truly diet conscious, it is better if you plan your snacks and meals in advance. This is since it will allow your body to appropriately settle into a healthier and predictable routine thereby helping you avoid any energy crashes.

Trick #3: Emphasize on Having a Good Breakfast

breakfast-sandwhich-tomato-and-ricottaOne of the greatest dieting tricks that you can make use of is that you consume your breakfast early. Also, try eating protein-rich food. This opinion is powered by a study in which two men ate breakfasts that had equal amounts of calories, but one person’s intake was rich in proteins (toast and scrambled eggs) whereas other’s was rich in carbs (low-fat yogurt and low-fat cream cheese). Throughout their course of day, it was observed that the person who consumed more proteins reported to feel less hungry during lunchtime. Moreover, this person also consumed 400 lesser calories in the following 24 hours, as compared to the person who consumed carb-rich diet.

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